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​SpotSpreads invests in projects and founders that are building new and innovative products to digitise assets and build an ecosystem that facilitates this adoption.


Our mission is to enable, empower and advance the truly decentralised world for more transparent and efficient markets and products. SpotSpreads believes that decentralized is the future which will not be controlled by several dominant players. Rather we believe in a world where various trading platforms, chains and products co-exist enabling various use-cases, competing on token designs, and ultimately solving for a diverse, decentralised future.

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We would like to support projects which we know are true value-addition and where we could develop a partnership and help influence positive outcome.


SpotSpreads doesn’t target large ownership stakes. Decentralised ownership is an important prerequisite to transitioning into Web3. We are into our projects for long-term and have ambitious price targets for our investments.

We have two main investment verticals to support founders and projects.

Building products and systems that unlock new asset classes or financial products to be traded as digital assets
Building products that bring value to the process of managing, engaging and providing liquidity in digital asset markets.

Work with SpotSpreads to kickstart your project’s growth today!

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