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SpotSpreads works with tokens to promote and expand initial token sales on a new exchange. We provide guidance to these tokens to improve liquidity of already listed tokens. Due to our industry wide partnerships and our strong technical team , we are well positioned to add value to crypto token projects and crypto exchanges at a strategic level.

crypto otc execution

SpotSpreads is one of the best cryptocurrency consulting firms globally with an extensive expertise in strategising, marketing and liquidity provisioning for crypto projects.


As a consulting partner, we strive to maximise adoption of an ICO, IEO or token projects by creating customised solutions based on the requirements of the projects we work on. We also have a vast network of industry collaborators and can link you with possible backers and collaborators for your project.


SpotSpreads is a one stop solution for clients looking for liquidity provisioning along with other services that are essential to the success of crypto projects.

If you are looking to work with us for Advisory Services, Contact Us

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