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Crypto Market Making

As one of the leading Crypto Market Makers, we ensure that we support 24*7 liquidity for the crypto projects and crypto exchanges.
We create fairer and efficient markets by improving the liquidity of the projects and exchange. SpotSpreads deploys proprietary and highly scalable Market Making technologies across all crypto exchanges and crypto projects and strives to continuously innovate with the technology to provide this scale.
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OTC Trading & Execution

Spotspreads creates efficient markets by providing access to best possible spreads and lowered average cost per transaction for large order sizes. We ensure complete confidentiality to the parties involved in transactions. Additionally, we offer algorithmic execution of large trades using our proprietary trading strategies to offer maximum value to our clients at minimum price impact.
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Advisory Services

SpotSpreads works with token projects to help them expand their sale on a new exchange or provides guidance to improve liquidity for already listed tokens. SpotSpreads has a strong technical team and has access to a large network of industry professionals in the crypto and blockchain industry. Hence, this gives us an opportunity to add value to crypto tokens and crypto exchanges at a strategic level.
Considering our connectivity with multiple exchanges, SpotSpreads can make relevant introductions and assist with listing of your token on different exchanges. We can help in medium and large scale token listings for tokens looking to enter new geographies.
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Venture Capital

SpotSpreads invests in projects and founders that are building new and innovative products to digitise assets and build an ecosystem that facilitates adoption of blockchain technology. We would like to support projects which we know adds true value and where we could develop a partnership and help influence positive outcome.
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