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crypto consulting

Crypto OTC service is trading of crypto assets directly between two parties without the involvement of cryptocurrency exchanges to avoid slippage.

SpotSpreads offers bespoke crypto-to-crypto OTC and algorithmic trade execution deals to institutions, brokerages, qualified individuals and other interested intermediaries. Through our OTC desk, we offer financial accessibility to the majority of vetted digital asset spot markets.

We offer maximum value to our partners at minimum impact by leveraging our deep liquidity and programmatic execution technology. Our partnerships with major exchanges and trading desks has helped us achieve some of the competitive pricing in the market.

We provide crypto-to-crypto OTC deals for more than 10+ assets
We offer highly competitive prices due to our deep liquidity
Offer settlement within 24 hours because of the industry wide partnerships.
Bespoke OTC deals with a personal account manager available around the clock.

If you are looking to work with us for services related to OTC Trading & Execution, Contact Us.

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